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LaLaLlamas-ChickenDivision is located in Central Alberta, Canada and is devoted to the preservation of the Buckeye breed.  This is one of the breeds on the farm.   I am able to dedicate my time and efforts to breed the best possible Buckeye. I am able to  produce better quality poultry each year and I am very excited for the future generations! There is nothing like eating farm-fresh eggs and the flavour of home grown chicken!!!! 

In 2014,  I won Best of Show in the Red Deer  Summer Show with a Turkey.   This same year,  I won Best Turkey and Reserve Turkey at the APA/ABA Canadian National Show in Red Deer    I want to achieve this same  goal again with the Buckeye.   Through my breeding practices and  I want to see  the Buckeye take the same road of success. 


2017- I achieved my first goal.  Champion American and Junior Show Champion.

2018- American Champion again with a Pullet

2018 ( Feb) Reserve American Champion with a Cockerel.

Excited to see the 2018 fall results…..stay posted with my Facebook page: Lalalamas-chickendivision


Take your time reading through the website and explore the wonders and benefits of the Buckeye in our colder Canadian climate.- Crystal McKinnon

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