I am a breeder that only will keep the best of the best for breeding.  

What do I do with ALL the extras?  Invite them for dinner of course!

All birds are processed at a government inspected site and birds are ALWAYS under 30 weeks.

I sell processed birds for $8.00 per pound to cover processing and feed prices ( 2015 prices).

I have limited birds for sale.  Please contact me to see what is available.

The thing to remember about cooking Heritage Meats is that we need to cook them like our Grandparents did.

Low and slow!  Just like how the birds grow .

Please do not cook like the supermarket chicken. These are raised fast! From chick to butcher age they are a whopping  age of 8-10 weeks.  No thanks! 


Crystal McKinnon                                                                                                                                                                      lallama@telusplanet.net