LaLaLlamas-ChickenDivision is located in Central Alberta, Canada and is devoted to the presevation of the Buckeye breed.  This is the only breed on the farm.    I am able to dedicate my time and efforts to breed the best possible Buckeye. I am able to  produce better quality poultry each year and I am very excited for the future generations! There is nothing like eating farm-fresh eggs and the flavor of home grown chicken!!!!


Just like any other Standard Bred  bird.  You need to ask yourself:  “Why do I want this breed?”  and           ” What do I want out of this breed?”

Every breed  has a purpose.  And often the duties may vary to a degree.

I will mentor and help you.  I want to make sure that the Buckeye  is a perfect fit for your coop.

In 2014,  I won Best of Show in the Red Deer  Summer Show with a Turkey.   This same year,  I won Best Turkey and Reserve Turkey at the APA/ABA Canadian National Show in Red Deer    I want to achieve this same  goal again with the Buckeye.   Though my breeding practices and  I want to see  the Buckeye take the same road of success.


Take your time reading through the website and explore the wonders and benefits of the Buckeye in our colder Canadian climate.- Crystal McKinnon

I am a member and /or sit on the board of the following group.  Click on the logo to take you to their website.  I hope to get a Canadian Buckeye Club started  soon.

Crystal McKinnon                                                                                                                                                                                                     lallama@telusplanet.net